Lutske Veenstra started chasing her main goal: "to become a famous photographer" in 2002 by following a basic education and training in photography in the northern part of The Netherlands where she grew up.

Lutske Veenstra was granted a place on the Academy for Photography (Foto Academie) in Amsterdam in 2003. Thus She moved to live, study and work as a fashion photographer in the Big City of Amsterdam. Lutske graduated as a professional photographer in 2006, exposing her work in Amsterdam.

She assisted a number of great and renowned photographers during her time at the academy. This way she worked her way into the world of fashion photography. Since 2006 she is working as an independent photographer with her own studio. Here she built her own network of models, agencies, stylists and make-up artists.

Besides her love for fashion shoots for magazines and commercial clients, Lutske likes to work with semi-nude models but her photos stay fashionable at all times. She has published in several magazines, including Grazia (NL), JFK, Avantgarde, Men's Health, Talkies, Glossy, FHM, Winq and MATE magazine. Outside of Amsterdam she has worked for clients in Berlin, Crete, Venice, Lisbon and London.

Apart from her fashion work, she has worked with several celebrities like Yolanthe Cabau van Casbergen, Kim Feenstra, Froukje de Both, Daphne Deckers, Monique Smit, Afro Jack and Victoria Koblenko
Sloggi, Trinity haircare, SOS Jeans, My Brand, Otazu, Q music, Maison du Posh, HTC, Sam Friday are some of her commercial clients.

For most people Lutske is known from the television programme 'Model in 1 Day' for the Dutch network Net5, in which she moderated and worked as a model scout. This programme became a big success in 2008 and was continued in 2009/2010.

Since 2009 Lutske is based in both Amsterdam and Berlin.

Lutske Veenstra, (1983)
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